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Do you need cheap and professional on-call massage services in Bali and surrounding areas? You can’t go wrong with visiting this website, because the best massage massage solution in Bali is here.

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Are you stressed with work too much? No time to party or go on a vacancy? If you are looking for a quick fix, then a massage would be the best way to de-stress.

With our hectic schedule and our busy lives, we hardly get time to pay any attention to our skin that could cause our ageing process to speed up faster. But it is important to take care of our well-being and pamper ourselves with a little “me time”.

Massages have been practiced since ancient times and have now become a vital part of our health.

It is not just exclusive to expensive spas but is offered at clinics and even offices since they are viewed as therapy. So getting a full-body massage should definitely be on our self-care list.

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Cheap Call Massage Rates With Best Service

Cheap without compromising on quality, perhaps is one of the right descriptions for the call massage service in Bali area “Bali Massage”. Bali Massage offers various massage services that customers can choose according to their needs, ranging from body to body massage, reflexology, relaxation massage and full body massage

In addition to offering on-call massage services, Bali Massage also has a fitness service package that can also be ordered to come to your home, villa, hotel, apartment, or boarding house. The fitness service packages include full body massage packages and sensational massages.

  • For the services, Bali Massage accepts reservations for massage services from around nusa dua, south kuta, jimbaran, legian, seminyak, canggu and ubud for 24 hours service.

What are you waiting for, let’s order a massage from us and have a pleasant experience, your satisfaction is our priority

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Popular Services

Full Body Massage

Full Body massage is a deep style massage that focuses on your arms, legs, hands and feet, your neck back and your stomach

Body to Body Massage

In Body to Body You will find that by letting a massage, one’s body will start relaxing, making many aches and pains simply disappear. You will find that a massage, not even close to exhausting you, will encourage you to rid yourself of fatigue, tension, and soren

Full Service Massage

If you’re in a situation where you have not been touched in a long time, massage can help you obtain an enhanced feeling of wellness that’s been absent in your own life. Don’t underestimate your human dependence on gentle, platonic touch


Package Pricing

Package A

Full Body Massage

Rp 650000

Package B

Body to Body Massage

Rp 850000

Package C

Full Service Massage

Rp 1300000

Bali Massage


For those of you who are interested in enjoying the best full body massage service from Bali Massage, you can contact Bali Massage customer service.

  • The Bali Massage Customer Service party will immediately serve your reservation (booking). You can also contact this customer service if you have questions about the services offered by Bali Massage.

That’s a glimpse of information about one of the recommendations for the best 24-hour in Bali massage service that can be a solution for those of you who want to enjoy massage services at your place.

  • Need a massage service call Bali area with the best service?. No need to bother looking anymore. Currently there is an online massage service called “Bali Massage” which is ready to serve you for 24 hours.

Bali is one of the island  tourist destinations that is never empty with tourists, both foreign and local tourists. So that it is not strange if the capital city of Bali province has complete facilities and services, ranging from tour services to fitness.

  • In addition to tour services, fitness services in Bali such as massage parlors and SPA are also sectors that have a high enough demand. The high demand and often make many massage parlors in Bali are always filled with customers, as a result you have to wait on the waiting list alias queue to enjoy the massage service.

On call massage services in Bali can be a solution for those of you who want to enjoy massage services, without the hassle of waiting in line. You can order massage services online to come to your home, hotel, apartment, villa or inn.

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  1. We handle all personal details discreetly. We never share anything with third parties
  2. For late night service, please confirm the appointment before 11pm
  3. No video recording or taking photos during the massage
  4. We sincerely hope your commitment. We don’t charge any cancellation fee before our therapist on the way to your place